Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice
11 - 14
VI 2020

Red Axes

Two friends form Tel Aviv and their “machines, mixtures and unconditional passion for music”. Red Axes glue together seemingly contrasting themes, introducing the world to a new wave of slow hypnotic beats. They’re very prolific as proven by over 20 excellent publications released over an impressively short period of time. Their story began in a post-punk band called Red Cotton, which later on metamorphosed into the DJ/producer duo. Last year, Red Axes released their second album “The Beach Goths”, which constitutes an extensive journey full of psychedelic themes juxtaposed with live guitars and drums. In July 2018, Red Axes recorded a two-hour mix for BBC Radio’s prestigious show, Essential Mix.

Performance date: 23.06.2019