Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

The festival takes place in the Katowice Culture Zone. It is located between Olimpijska Street, Gorecki Street, Rozdzienski Avenue and Bogucki Park.


Coal and steel are things of the past. The heart of Silesia beats to the rhythm of modernity. The city of Katowice attracts tourists with its intriguing architecture and diverse cultural offer.

Thanks to investment projects launched a few years ago, the capital of Upper Silesia is becoming Poland’s leading centre of culture before our very eyes. Right in the centre of the city, next to the famous ‘Spodek’ sports and entertainment hall, a completely new district is being built. The Culture Zone is located on the premises of the now closed ‘Katowice’ coal mine.

In addition to the ‘Spodek’ sports and entertainment hall, the Culture Zone comprises three major investment areas – the International Congress Centre, the new seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the new Silesian Museum.
The Culture Zone has quickly become one of Katowice’s main tourist attractions.

The grass-covered roof of the International Congress Centre is a great vantage point from which you can observe the entire city of Katowice. The modern auditorium of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra was designed by Japanese specialists who created a concert hall with some of the best acoustics in Europe. The intriguing architecture of the new Silesian Museum, situated 13 meters underground, keeps with the spirit of the mining traditions of both the city and the region.

  • Amphitheater NOSPR

  • Concert Hall NOSPR

  • Silesian Museum

This new cultural showcase of Katowice is transformed in the summer into a vibrant festival ground with plentiful catering and shopping options. Thanks to the ‘Tauron Nowa Muzyka’ festival, Katowice attracts over a thousand fans each year.