Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

BAZAR Fashion Zone and art exhibitions at Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

  • Stands of fashion designers in the BAZAR Zone
  • Limited edition festival clothing and accessories
  • Art exhibits and the Best Album Covers exhibit

Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice festival starting on 6 July! Apart from concerts of leading artists in the electronic music scene the organizers have prepared a number of surprises. This year’s exciting new additions to the festival are the BAZAR zone and art exhibits.

The BAZAR zone will gather young artists, fashion and graphic designers associated with streetwear, art and music. The fashion stands will not only offer unique collections of clothing, shoes or accessories but will also have the designers share their favourites, their art and their creative process. The BAZAR will be dominated by selected second-hand garment from world-known niche brands of underground streetwear to collector sneaker models, as well as new collections by young clothing brands, custom accessories, books and thematic magazines. Fans of electronic music will be able to grow their collections with vinyls, cassettes and microSD cards from the most interesting vinyl stores and independent record labels. The Festival comers will also have a unique occasion to play the only game machine in Europe from which they can win some hyped sneaker models. The visitors entering the BAZAR Zone will relax to the atmospheric ambient sounds served by affiliate DJs and several artists of the main festival stages.

And that is not all. Fashion freaks can expect special surprises as a result of the BAZAR’s collaboration with Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice. Details will soon follow. A limited edition of “Katowice Not Lisbon” t-shirt will be made especially for the festival participants, as well as some regional gadgets and festival merch. This year, for the first time at Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice festival, in the BAZAR Zone, official merchandise stands of the artists performing at the festival will be launched! It will be a great occasion to meet the musicians off stage.

MCK, the Festival grounds
The 10-year-long activity of the Roundabout of Arts [Rondo Sztuki] is a good opportunity to reflect on the future. The perspective of these artists who have been taking their first steps in the art world during this decade is particularly interesting. How do they look at the vision of the forthcoming changes? How do they see this moment of transition – which is difficult to grasp – from the world ruled by strict industrial rules to the reality searching for its new identity? Artists show what can happen when the future comes and they try to answer the question “What’s next?” in a variety of metaphorical ways.

The “COVER awARTS 2016 on tour – Best Polish Album Covers” EXHIBITION
BAZAR, the Festival ground
Cover awArts is the joint initiative of two design services destined for the music industry: Decybele Dizajnu and Okładki.net. Both websites have been promoting Polish artists, designers, and creators whose art has been embellishing album covers for years. There will be 30 album covers presented at the BAZAR exhibition. All of them have gained audience awards in various popularity contests, as well as awards of graphic designers and music journalists.

“+” Gallery [Galeria +], the Roundabout of Arts [Rondo Sztuki]
The exhibition takes place as part of the “+” Gallery space for young people [Galleria + przestrzeń młodych] series. Antoni Domański’s visual-sound installations consist of widely known and well-tamed elements of reality which have been transformed, processed and reassembled. Humorous interventions revolve around that part of our life about which we tend to forget easily, the part that happens between great life events. The artist observes the inconspicuous with tenderness and attention. His story is not devoid of some reflection on the impermanence of life. The “Monumencik” exhibition addresses the issue of the passing of time. Antoni Domański defends himself from the transience of life by collecting elements of everyday life and by creating on their basis elaborate designs. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 6 July at 7 pm.