Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

Grand opening of the festival season! Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice 2023 is launched!


It’s high time for a huge dose of festival excitement! The 18th edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice starts on Thursday, 8 June. The official opening concert at the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) will kick off the festival frenzy which will last from Thursday to Sunday. Katowice will be taken over by the freshest sounds performed by more than 40 artists from Poland and abroad. As every year at the festival, the musical part will be intertwined with events from other fields of art, and the audience will be treated to a full range of phenomena from the broadly defined culture. Passes and tickets still available!

In the opinion of many, Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice is the best-organised music festival in Poland. This is not only due to its unique location. In the post-industrial space of Katowice’s Strefa Kultury, there will be 5 aesthetically pleasing festival stages as well as separate areas for festival partners and a catering sector. Between 8 and 11 June, the Strefa Kultury will host highly anticipated artists such as Röyksopp, Sudan Archives, Tangerine Dream, William Basinski, Oneohtrix Point Never, Orbital, Skalpel and many, many more. Fans will be able to enjoy the music regardless of the whims of the weather, as 4 of the festival’s 5 stages are roofed. Fans will be able to enjoy two stages in the International Congress Centre – the City of Music Stage and Tauron Music Hall, a separate stage in the NOSPR Concert Hall, as well as the Club Stage and the Pearl Feel The Beat Stage, i.e. the open-air NOSPR Amphitheatre. In addition, the official festival club, which in this edition is JAZBAR Muchowiec, will operate throughout the 18th edition of the event. It is there that FAJRANT!, the festival’s closing party, will take place.

As every year, it will be possible to make use of a public water barrel and stay hydrated for free. During this edition, free water for festival-goers will be provided by the WSE from the historic “Zawada” Water Supply Station in Karchowice. Traditionally, there will also be a children’s zone (in the NOSPR building). While the parents will be enjoying themselves to the sounds of the best music, their children will be engrossed in a series of games, activities and creative activities, which, as every year, will be prepared by the non-public Tika kindergarten. All festival participants will be able to visit the Silesian Museum for a symbolic zloty. The promotion covers both the permanent exhibitions and each of the current temporary exhibitions.

Unique emotions, memorable concerts, exceptional artists and a unique location – this is the shortest recipe for the Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice festival. It is worth visiting again.