Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

Meet another 12 artists and the complete lineup for the 13th edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice!

  • The lineup has been completed with:
  • Nosowska PL
  • Essaie Pas CA
  • Tolouse Low Trax DE
  • The Dumplings PL
  • Bokka PL
  • Syny PL
  • Denis Horvat DK
  • Baasch PL
  • Bitamina PL
  • Nagrobki PL
  • Manoid PL
  • 1-day tickets are on sale!
  • Full Lineup is available here

The Festival’s star-studded roaster will now include one of the most popular Polish singers, a dark duo from Canada, a resident of the iconic Salon des Amateurs in Dusseldorf, a young, sought-after DJ from Copenhagen and the flower of Polish alternative. Thus the lineup for this year’s edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice expands to 59 acts from 20 different countries (including Poland). The list of invited musicians includes representatives of every continent besides Antarctica, which perfectly reflects the global character of the 13th edition of the festival. At the same time 1-day tickets go on sale! 

TNMK – Finałowe ogłoszenie

🇵🇱 UWAGA‼️ Przed Wami finałowe ogłoszenie! Poznajcie ostatnich artystów, którzy dołączają do tegorocznego, bardzo bogatego line-upu! To oznacza, że bilety jednodniowe są już w sprzedaży, a harmonogram występów znajdziecie na naszej stronie. Do zobaczenia w ostatni weekend czerwca w Katowicach! ⚒ ⚒ ⚒Bilety / tickets: http://festiwalnowamuzyka.pl/bilety/🇬🇧 ATTENTION ‼️ Here’s the final announcement! Meet the last artists who will join this year’s extremely rich lineup! It means that 1-day tickets are already on sale and the full performance schedule can be found on our website. See you on the last weekend of June in Katowice! ⚒ ⚒ ⚒

Opublikowany przez Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice 25 kwietnia 2018




Winner of the Polityka’s Passport award, 21 Fryderyk statuettes, honoured with the Golden Cross of Merit, many of her albums went gold – Nosowska’s achievements on the Polish music scene are indisputable. The lead singer of Hey, one of the most popular rock bands in Poland, has been recording solo since 1996. Not that long ago, the artist said goodbye to her mother band in order to focus on her solo career. Her new album is scheduled to be released later this year, but parts of it will already be presented at the Festival. Nosowska’s ambitious pop is always performed with great charisma, and her excellent vocal and remarkable lyrics will resonate perfectly on the main stage.

Polish alternative pop will also be represented by a true revelation of recent times, The Dumplings. The duo from Zabrze, composed of Justyna Święs and Kuba Karaś, gained impressive popularity thanks to songs posted on YouTube. Their debut album “No Bad Days” won the prestigious Fryderyk award. Modern elecro, dance sadness, catchy melodies and emotional concerts are the band’s trademarks.

Gloomier and more peculiar sounds will be served by Essaie Pas, an electro duo from Montreal, composed of Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau. The result of their cooperation are prolonged guitar sounds, mumble in French and minimalistic electronics. Their latest album “New Path” is a fascinating combination of clodwave aesthetics and techno with postapocalyptic science-fiction.

Experimental approach can also be expected from Tolouse Low Trax. This DJ and producer form Dusseldorf constitutes the core of the DJ crew from the iconic Salon Des Amateurs, which became the hotbed of talents, such as Lena Wilikens. Tolouse Low Trax‘s sets reflect the unique atmosphere of the Salon, as they combine artistic experiments with hypnotic rhythms, from ambient through krautrock to tribe techno.

There’s another intriguing DJ and producer on the list – Denis Horvat. He lives in Copenhagen but, as his name indicates, we should be looking for his roots in the warmer parts of southern Europe. The juxtaposition of Nordic approach and Croatian gens resulted in a surprising musical mix. Horvat’s records are a perfect blend of techno and house and systematically appear in the sets of the world’s best DJs.

Besides foreign guests, as usual the Festival will welcome a strong squad representing Polish alternative. Mysterious Bokka fascinates with immersive and extremely energetic live performances presented across Europe. The band lineup remains a secret. We only know that there are five members playing contagious, alternative pop. Syny is a controversial duo composed of producer 1988 and rapper and producer Robert Piernikowski. They are known for an inimitable atmosphere during their live performances, multi-layered lyric and fresh, innovative backing tracks. They have just released their second album “Sen”, so we will surely hear the new material at the 13th edition of the festival.

Hip-hop experiments are the domain of the Bitamina project created by three young artists fascinated with “beats, samples and words glued with emotions”. Together they have released four well-received albums that delighted both the audience and critics with endless layers of sensitivity and honesty.

The Festival will also welcome Baasch, who skilfully navigates between electronic music and synth-pop. A hypnotising, evocative vocal, gloomy sounds and catchy melodies are the key elements of his unique and easily recognisable style. More extraordinary songs will be delivered by the rock duo Nagrobki. The name in Polish means gravestones and therefore their songs deal with evanescence, death and passing, while the music constitutes a mix of many different influences – from old Polish big beat through guitar noise and coldwave to early black metal.

Equally rich inspirations can be found in the JANKA project, which is a collaboration of Daniel Drums and Hatti Vatti. They share mutual love for British bass music and dub as well as fascination with the ‘90s. JANKA is not just about studio recordings, as they base their live performances on analog equipment, such as synthesisers, samplers and drum machines. Another expressive electronic show can be expected from Manoid. Known for engaging live performances, he has already played at different festivals in the Netherlands, Iceland, South Korea, Lithuania and Slovakia. Besides electro, he uses field sounds, acoustic instruments and classical singing, intertwining technical rhythms with melodious, highly emotional motifs.

This year’s Festival programme already intrigues with diversity and abundance of represented genres. Make up your mind to be sure you can take part in this celebration of music. Tickets are still available. More info at the Festival’s official website.