Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice expands 2018 lineup with 17 exciting artists!

  • Arca VE
  • Moritz Von Oswald DE
  • Gato Preto DE
  • Kid Simius ES
  • Island People UK
  • Kandy Guira BF/FR
  • Tuğçe Şenoğul TR
  • dné CZ
  • The Kurws PL
  • Zimpel / Ziołek PL
  • Hubert Zemler PL
  • Lautbild PL
  • Tomino & Myslivec CZ
  • The Johnny Freelance Experience ES/AR/US/PL
  • Tsvey PL
  • Czarny Latawiec PL
  • Global Diggers PL
  • Tickets still available for sale!



This year’s edition of the festival has an exceptionally abundant lineup and international character. At the end of June, the Culture Zone in Katowice will be bursting with a rich mosaic of colours, sounds and musical ideas. The list of artists performing during the 13th Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice includes Kanye West and Björk’s controversial collaborator, a dub techno pioneer, Afrofuturists, eclectic producers, singers from Turkey and Burkina Faso, a Czech response to Nicolas Jaar, Polish improvised music stars and DJs presenting street tunes from tropical countries.

Over a dozen of newly announced artists expand Nowa Muzyka’s lineup to 40 acts from 18 countries around the world. The list of invited musicians includes representatives of every continent besides Antarctica, which perfectly reflects the global character of the 13th edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice.

There is no doubt that the highlight of the event will be the performance of a Venezuelan known as Arca. He is one of the most interesting and colourful artists on the contemporary electro scene. Born into a rich family in Caracas, Arca spent his childhood between Venezuela and the US. His work is imbued with cliché aesthetics presented with the use of extreme means of expression. Despite young age, the producer’s musical portfolio already includes collaborations with the likes of Kanye West, Björk, Frank Ocean, Kelela and FKA twigs. His crazy and unpredictable productions inspired by pop, R&B as well as the music of Nine Inch Nails and Aphex Twin constitute a masterpiece of sound design that wowed audiences around the world.

Moritz Von Oswald, Berlin-based producer, sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist and artistic director, is one of the pioneers of contemporary electronic music. Together with Mark Ernestus, he laid the groundwork for dub techno, which is a fusion of motor Detroit techno, Jamaican studio techniques and deeply rooted sounds. Moritz von Oswald is the founder of legendary duos Basic Channel (and a record label with the same name), Rhythm & Sound and Maurizio as well as iconic labels Chain Reaction and Burial Mix. Dedicated to merging electro with jazz, music of the world and classical music, his numerous projects present an impressively wide spectrum of styles.

Besides the big names, the Festival lineup will include a group of less famous, often exotic artist, who will perform at the Carbon Dance / Friends! stage. Every year, this stage is the source of the biggest musical surprises with concerts of almost anonymous musicians that turn out to be the highlights of the Festival. This year’s edition will also deliver intriguing guests from all over the globe.

German group Gato Preto is famous for their ecstatic performances, combining lively dance routines with Afrofuturism. We can also count on a massive dose of concert energy delivered by Kid Simius – a Spaniard residing in Berlin, who combines street bass music with surf rock, salsa and flamenco. Island People will provide a moment of respite with their live act full of deep, fascinating ambient. One of the members of this British band is Grammy-winning producer David Donaldson. Kany Guira is an exotic singer from Burkina Faso, who lives in France. Drawing inspiration from her own roots, her live performances turn into colourful spectacles. Much darker themes are included in the songs of Turkish vocalist Tuğçe Şenoğul, who manages to successfully combine rock and trip-hop. Another artists presenting the darker side of electronic music is Czech producer dné, whose music was compared to the works of Nicolas Jaar and Nils Frahm by online portal Noisey. The Czech Republic will also be represented by the members of Midi Lidi in their DJ incarnation, Tomino & Myslivec, playing house and electro enriched with Czech and Slovak electronic records from the last fifty years. The international band called The Johnny Freelance Experience is composed of musicians from Spain, the US, Argentina and Poland. Together they combine funk, soul and electronic music, expanding their loops with live instruments and elements of improvisation. Their concerts always turn into unforgettable spectacles.

Besides guest from abroad, the Festival will see performances of the elite of Polish alternative scene. The Kurws combine improvisations with compositions and wind instruments with heavy guitars, presenting well-known playing techniques in a new context. Their energetic concerts earned them dedicated fans in Poland and abroad. Zimpel / Ziołek join forces in exploration of repetitious meditations and jazz expressions along with acoustic folk sensitivity and electronic experiments. Hubert Zemler is a popular drummer, classically trained musician and author of solo albums that charm audiences with abundance of sounds and virtuoso playing techniques. Lautbild is a dance project of Wilhelm Bras, producers previously known as 8Rolek and Deuce return as Tsvey, while collective Global Diggers and DJ Czarny Latawiec are experts in the field of tropical club music.

This year’s lineup already intrigues with diversity and abundance of themes, but that’s not all! The Festival programme remains open with lots of interesting announcements still to come.

3-day tickets at the promo price of 309 PLN are still on sale. Do not waste any time, because on April 1 the price goes up by 30 PLN! 4-day and 2-day tickets are also still available. More info at the Festival’s official website.