Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

Wonderful DJs expand the programme Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice 2023!


– Aldona Relax
– Anna Borsuk
– Courtesy
– Pupper DJ
– Themsel in Distress
– 2-day and 3-day passes on sale now!

Artists from Denmark, Ukraine and Poland are joining festival programme. They will all perform at the official festival club, which will once again be JAZBAR Muchowiec. The stage there is curated by Avtomat from the Heavy Brokat collective. Passes available for purchase at www.festiwalnowamuzyka.pl!


The line-up for the latest announcement is no coincidence. It is made up of extraordinary people who experiment with different genres of dance music. As in recent years, the festival organisers from More Music Agency are focusing on diversity and richness of sound, highlighting the presence and achievements of ladies on the world music scene. This year’s line-up will include unsung figures from different countries.

Courtesy was born in Greenland but grew up in Denmark, and her DJ career took off after 2016. The Danish woman with the difficult-to-pronounce name Najaaraq Vestbirk will enchant the audience with an explosive set based on styles such as rave, breakbeat and electro, among others. Broken rhythms will also be served up by Anna Borsuk, a DJ and promoter of the young generation, who hails from Kiev and lives in Warsaw, and who tries to show the special charm of the Ukrainian underground scene in her sets.

In addition to guests from abroad, we will also hear a strong representation of the domestic scene. Aldona Relax is a Warsaw-Szczecin-based drag queen, DJ and event organiser, who best realises herself by mixing up thumping club music. Pupper DJ is a co-founder and former member of the collectives Ciężki Brokat, Wixapolonia and Muzyka Nieheteronormatywna. When asked what her favourite genre of music is, she answers – ‘yes’ – and in her sets you’ll hear everything from reggaeton, jersey club and hard house to juke and hardcore. The announcement closes with Themsel In Distress, who is stationed in Warsaw and co-founder of the queer collective and event series Ciężki Brokat. It is an initiative that has been providing a space for LGBT+ and women to play and perform for over five years and focuses on building a safer club experience. The programme for the festival Saturday at JAZBAR Muchowiec is curated by Avtomat, a representative of the Ciężki Brokat collective.

This is still not the end of the unveiling of the Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice 2023 programme. More artists will join soon. Two-day passes for 379 PLN are still on sale, as well as three-day passes for 469 PLN. Unique emotions, memorable concerts, exceptional artists and a unique location – this is the shortest recipe for the Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice Festival. It is worth visiting again.