Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

Change of program for this year’s edition Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice!



  • Floating Points
  • GusGus live
  • Red Axes Dj set 
  • Acid Arab
  • DJ Tennis
  • Gerd Janson
  • Kassa Overall
  • Jennifer Cardini
  • Afrodeutsche
  • Syny
  • Kukon & Julia Mikuła
  • Zdechły Osa
  • Lowpass
  • Święty Bass
  • and others…

Electropop stars, ambitious electronic artists, great DJs and the most interesting phenomena on the rap scene – this is the new lineup of the 16th edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice. This year’s festival will take place between 29 July and 1 August on three stages in the Culture Zone and in Katowice’s Dolina Trzech Stawów. Due to the ongoing pandemic some of the previously announced artists such as Underworld, The Streets, or Cigarettes After Sex will play in Katowice in 2022. The organisers have also offered the festival’s fans an all-time low-ticket price for this year’s edition of the event.

Despite the changes in the program, the formula of the 16th edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice will remain as the audience loved it. During the festival weekend in late July and early August in the Katowice Cultural Zone there will be three stages – Main Stage, Club Stage and Newonce Stage. The opening concert will take place at JAZBAR Muchowiec, and at the end of the festival there will be a free FAJRANT at Sztauwajers. Both venues are located in Katowice’s Dolina Trzech Stawów. The festival “long weekend” is an unforgettable experience with the music of the most interesting electronic and rap artists from Poland and the world.

– The situation forced us to revise the previously adopted festival program. However, we are convinced that the festival guests will have the opportunity to commune with exceptional artists, with a large representation of the Polish music scene. We are looking forward to this year’s edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice as well as its next edition which will feature the artists who were supposed to visit us this year and last year – says Adam Godziek, co-organizer of the festival from More Music Agency.

Prices of the 2021 and … 2022 editions

The passes purchased so far will be valid for next year because the price of tickets for this year’s edition of the event will be much lower than in previous years so there will be new tickets available.

For a two-day pass to this year’s edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice fans will pay only 199 zł. Those who already have a pass or will buy a pass for next year’s festival, will pay even less – 149 zł for a two-day pass for this year’s edition of the festival. The price will not include only the intimate opening concert, due to the location and possible restrictions associated with it, for which there will be separate, symbolically priced tickets. Details, according to the organisers, will be announced soon.

– We probably have the most loyal fans of all Polish festivals. We want to reward them for their patience and trust with the price of admission tickets to this year’s edition of the festival. So they will gain twice. First, they will benefit from unprecedentedly low prices of two-day passes for this edition and from a guarantee of the lowest price for the 2022 edition. We already know that next year the pass prices will be much higher than the ones available until the end of November,” adds Adam Godziek.

For comparison, the cheapest pass prices from the previous festival price list ranged from PLN 199 for a one-day ticket (that’s the price for the whole festival, except for the opening concert) to PLN 339 for a 3-day pass.

It is also known that the pass prices for next year’s edition of the festival will increase. The current pass prices for the 2022 edition of the festival will be valid until the end of November. The prices will remain the same for those who bought passes earlier.

Passes for this year’s and next year’s edition of the festival can be purchased online at the festival website and on Going, eBilet and Ticketmaster.

Still, anyone who has purchased a pass or ticket and is unable to attend the festival has the right to return it at the point of purchase.

Line-up 2021

Many fans of Icelandic music in Poland will be pleased with the performance of GusGus. This well-known band is famous for its eclectic style based on electropop. The group often changes its lineup. Currently, it consists of producer Birgir Thorarinsson and vocalist Daníel Ágúst. At the festival we will hear both the great hits of the band and the latest material. Floating Points will also perform on the main stage. The London-based band has won acclaim from critics and listeners for bridging the gap between danceable electronica, jazz, and classical and experimental music. Andy Stott presents an equally intriguing mix. The deep, multilayered structures of his electronic productions delight in their bizarre beauty.

There will also be excellent DJs. DJ Tennis is, among others, the founder and head of the Life & Death label, which has promoted its own style of melodic music at the crossroads of techno and house, represented among others by the duo Tale Of Us, discovered by Tennis. House will be represented by Gerd Janson, one of the most respected house DJs in the world. He has even been called “your favourite DJ”. Versatility and boundless love for music are his trademarks. Jennifer Cardini, on the other hand, is known for her unhurried build-up of atmosphere and pulsating energy, based on sophisticated techno, electro and house.

Israeli duo Red Axes will perform in a double role. On the main stage, they will give a full-fledged concert, which will certainly abound in distorted guitars and vocals, and numerous acid house and post-punk motifs. On Sunday, Red Axes will once again close the festival as DJs during the free FAJRANT! party at Sztauwajery.

An equally energetic, fully electronic live show will be presented by Acid Arab. This multicultural band plays oriental acid, in which trance is induced not only by machines and synthesizers, but also by melodies and rhythms of Arabic folk music. Afrodeutsche‘s work is also global. The British DJ has roots in Germany, Ghana and Russia and cites Detroit electro, techno, house and piano classical as inspirations.

This year we can count on an abundant representation of the most interesting phenomena from the rap scene. One of their last concerts will be given by the band Syny, which ceased to exist this year. Their visionary productions and performances leave no one indifferent. Kassa Overall is a New York-based jazz musician, MC, singer, producer and drummer who combines avant-garde experimentation with hip-hop production techniques. Both Zdechły Osa and Kukon have been true phenomena in recent months. Kukon ranked eighth on Spotify’s worldwide debuts chart, and his special project DRAMAT with vocalist Julia Mikuła is winning listeners’ hearts. It is not without reason that Zdechły Osa is considered an honest, uncompromising voice of the young generation. Both rappers are distinguished by their authentic lyrics and care for a coherent musical style. The program is complemented by the projects headed by ATZ, namely LOWPASS – a band combining funk, jazz, electronica and hip-hop, and a duet dedicated to the music of British streets – Święty Bass.